Fables Radio


“Fables Radio” is an unofficial, fan-made audio adaptation of the graphic novel series “Fables” by Bill Willingham and DC Vertigo Comics, about a secret community of fairy-tale characters living in New York City, in hiding from a great evil that exiled them from their homelands. This six-part audiodrama series (with full voice cast, music, and sound effects) tells the first story in the “Fables” saga, “Legends in Exile”, which follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf and Deputy Mayor Snow White and their investigation into the murder of Snow’s twin sister Rose Red.

As showrunner for this fanmade audiodrama series, my responsibilities included:

  • writing the adapted radioplay script
  • casting and directing all voice actors
  • curating music and sound effects
  • creating original sound effects
  • editing and mixing episodes
  • digital release and marketing.
Project Website

Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube

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