Nerdsmith Shows


Season One: Fires of Valdara (Fantasy Industrial D&D

Season Two: Spelljammer (Sci Fi Fantasy D&D)

Nerdsmith Power Hour

Your Wednesday lunchbreak for ttrpg and nonesense. A talk show starring myself and fellow Nerdsmith Director Logan Bryce as we discuss Nerdsmith Network News, tabletop roleplaying games, and casually chat with our audience.

Discover RPG

The original format of the Power Hour, a weekly talk show where I and my cohost discuss roleplaying games, give advice, and review independant D&D content

A Taste of Paradise

Monster of the Week Mini-Campaign set in modern San Francisco, as a team of monster hunters solve murders and fight supernatural dangers.

Final Rites

A Southern Gothic D&D adventure telling the tale of a party of tiefling working aboard a gambling riverboat of the damned, sailing the River Styx.

Countless Heroes

A 5 night-a week West Marches Style D&D campaign where 16 players shared a story of epic heroes, silly hijinks and powerful, challenging life choices.

Entire Series

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