Since 2017, I have produced, played, guest starred, and hosted on hundreds of hours of tabletop rpg actual play streams on twitch and youtube.

Nerdsmith Shows

We Are Not Things: Mad Max D&D for Charity
A three part series raising funds for the National Network of Abortion Funds
Shenanigoons: Gentle D&D
A heartwarming winter’s tale where YOU contribute to the chaos!
Shenanigoons: The Book of Faebles
A sorta fairytale D&D campaign where YOU contribute to the chaos!
Shenanigoons: Spelljammer (Sci Fi Fantasy D&D)
A sci fantasy D&D campaign where YOU contribute to the chaos!
Season One: Fires of Valdara
An industrial fantasy D&D campaign where YOU contribute to the chaos!
Readers Corner
A dramatic reading livestream of public domain stories (and personal written work)
Nerdsmith Power Hour
Your Monday night lunchbreak for ttrpg and nonesense. A talk show starring myself and fellow Nerdsmith Director Logan Bryce as we discuss Nerdsmith Network News, tabletop roleplaying games, and casually chat with our audience.
Discover RPG: Map Making Monday!
The original format of the Power Hour, a weekly talk show where I and my cohost discuss roleplaying games, give advice, and review independant D&D content
A Taste of Paradise
Monster of the Week Mini-Campaign set in modern San Francisco, as a team of monster hunters solve murders and fight supernatural dangers.
Countless Heroes
A 5 night-a week West Marches Style D&D campaign where 16 players shared a story of epic heroes, silly hijinks and powerful, challenging life choices.

Entire Series
Final Rites
A Southern Gothic D&D adventure telling the tale of a party of tiefling working aboard a gambling riverboat of the damned, sailing the River Styx.
My Appearances on other Online Shows