Nerdsmith Video Production

Produced Introductory Credit Sequences for a number of livestream programs on the Nerdsmith entertainment network. I planned the designs of the videos, curated the video assets from stock and Creative Commons sources, curated and edited Creative Commons sound effects, curated music from, produced the videos in Adobe Premiere.

Promotional videos produced for the Nerdsmith entertainment network. I wrote the scripts, curated audio and video assets from Creative Commons sources, edited audio and video assets, and performed as host or narrator.

Pactless Patrons

Promotional video for Kickstarter Campaign. I wrote the script, performed as narrator, edited music and video assets, and added visual effects.

You can find more information about this project at

Educational Videos

Hillsborough County Extension Service provides public education to Florida residents. I wrote scripts and edited interviews, as well as researched topics and produced graphics to express educational concepts to a general audience. (produced 2016-2017)