Threads in the Vayl

Sole writer and producer of the pilot for an upcoming audiodrama series. Also portrayed narrator and lead character Maeryll De La Vez

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A Dungeons and Dragons campaign podcast. Starting on episode 4, I became the sole audio producer, collecting, editing, and mixing six actors’ audio tracks into 2-3 hours biweekly episodes. For the back half of Season 1, our cast live-streamed episodes, and limited edited versions of those streams have been uploaded as podcast episodes, with additional intro and credit narration by me.

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Example: Ep 4 “Conversations, Part 4”

Fables Radio


Six-part Audiodrama adaptation of the first volume of Fables a graphic novel series by Bill Willingham. I was the sole producer of the show, writing and adapting the original graphic novel into an audio script, casting and directing a full voice cast, curating and creating sound effects, curating music, and producing the entire piece in Audacity audio editor.

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Narration Teahouse in Sobriquet

Narrated and produced an audiobook version of a short story by author Ashley Warren, available on DriveThruRPG


Music Production and Performance

Vox Machina, An Exandrian Musical


VOX MACHINA, An Exandrian Musical, was a year-long labor of love from the minds and talent of over 70 volunteer writers, singers, musicians, and artists, and no budget. On February 23rd, 2018, we released a full album of nearly 50 fan-created songs in homage to the Dungeons and Dragons active play series “Critical Role” and the acclaimed broadway musical Hamilton. We reshuffled and rewrote the entire soundtrack of Hamilton to adapt over 188 hours of “Critical Role” into a 2.4 hour musical album.

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Parody Songs

“Social Distance” a parody of Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, used as promotion of a work relief fund during the coronavirus quaratine measures of 2020

Cover Songs

Original Songs

I’ve written, arranged, and performed demos for two songs in the style of musical theater based on characters from the show Critical Role, Geek and Sundry’s flagship Dungeons and Dragon’s game series.


A sad, romantic duet between Lady Kima and Allura, two former adventurers who have spent years being afraid to admit their love for one another.

“The List”

A revenge dirge in the style of Stephen Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd” and “Assassins”. Percival De Rolo, the lone survivor of a monstrous massacre that claimed his entire family, grapples with an unexpected reunion with their murderers, and the demonic deal he made to create the perfect machine to exact his revenge…

“Giant Woman (Opal’s Reprise)”

An adaptation of the song “Giant Woman” from Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. This song is an extension of a moment in the show, how I imagine the reprise of the original song would have played out. The original moment that this song is based on was written by Rebecca Sugar and performed by Aimee Mann.