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Voice Acting Resume

Name: Angela McCain
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Status: Online / Indie

I will work for: Pay & or for free. It depends. (Let’s talk about it)


Pay & Contact Info

My Links

My equipment & computer programs

  • AT2035 condenser microphone and Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • Tascam US-200 (Audio Interface)
  • Behringer Xenyx 802 (Mixing Board)
  • Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones
  • Reaper and Audacity recording programs

Basic Questions

  • Are you willing to do recording sessions on Skype with the people behind the project?: Yes
  • Are you willing to be directed over Skype with the people behind the project?: Yes
  • Animation: Yes
  • Apps: Yes
  • Audiobooks: Yes
  • Comic Dubs: Yes
  • Commercials: Yes
  • Documentary: Yes
  • Fan made Content: Yes
  • FanDubs: Maybe
  • Hurtful content: Maybe
  • Movie Trailer: Yes
  • News: Yes
  • Phone Message: Maybe
  • Podcasts: Yes
  • Political content: Yes
  • Promos: Yes
  • Spoofs & Abridge series: Maybe
  • Sexual content: Maybe
  • Swearing: Yes
  • Toys: Yes
  • Training: Yes
  • Video games: Yes
  • Vulgar Content: Maybe