Video: Savings and Investment Myths

Video for Personal Finance for Hillsborough County, FL residents “Savings and Investment Myths”. I wrote the script, Illustrated, Curated stock images and music, and edited this award winning educational video.

FEAFCS Communications Team Award (Television/Video Program), 2017

National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Original Music

I’ve written, arranged, and performed demos for two songs in the style of musical theater based on characters from the show Critical Role, Geek and Sundry’s flagship Dungeons and Dragon’s game series.


A sad, romantic duet between Lady Kima and Allura, two former adventurers who have spent years being afraid to admit their love for one another.

“The List”

A revenge dirge in the style of Stephen Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd” and “Assassins”. Percival De Rolo, the lone survivor of a monstrous massacre that claimed his entire family, grapples with an unexpected reunion with their murderers, and the demonic deal he made to create the perfect machine to exact his revenge…

“Giant Woman (Opal’s Reprise)”

An adaptation of the song “Giant Woman” from Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. This song is an extension of a moment in the show, how I imagine the reprise of the original song would have played out. The original moment that this song is based on was written by Rebecca Sugar and performed by Aimee Mann.

Music Video Editing: “Spirit of Adventure”

An example of video projects in which I edited existing video, effects, still images, and music into a transformative work. Fandom music videos are intended as character or thematic studies that juxtapose appropriate sound and music design with relevant imagery to create a cohesive theatrical or emotional experience.

This particular example is a retrospective on “The Legend of Korra”, and animated cartoon series. The blending of historic Asian and 1920s jazz aesthetics in the music and visuals of this series inspired me to pair it with the 1920s style song “Spirit of Adventure” from Pixar’s Up, and blend them together to create a sense of playfulness and nostalgia for fans of The Legend of Korra series and its characters.

Video Series: Estate Planning Is For Everyone

Promotional video for UF/IFAS Extention’s Personal Finance program. Filmed and assisted with three personal interviews about county residents’ experience with end of life planning. Set up backdrop and lighting to improve filming quality. Edited and color corrected raw footage with Adobe Premiere video editing software. Curated music and created text elements in videos to create a pleasant tone and promote UF/IFAS Extension educational program.